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Editor’s blog

Countdown to Christmas

With confectionery companies unveiling their Halloween and Christmas ranges, it seems the countdown to the festive season is on.

Posted 3 August 2016

Premium price point

Three in four (73%) of US consumers are willing to pay more for snacks made with high quality ingredients, new research suggests, as the move towards healthier snacking options becomes more evident.

Posted 27 July 2016

Smart confectionery

Carrying on with the sugar/sweetener theme from last week, a Canadian company has launched what it claims to be the first smart candy which contains just 2g of sugar per bag.

Posted 20 July 2016

Bitter sweet

Consuming artificial sweeteners can increase our appetites by as much as 30%, according to new research, which has identified a system in the brain that senses and integrates the sweetness and energy content of food.

Posted 13 July 2016

Celebrate World Chocolate Day

If ever there was an excuse to indulge in chocolate, tomorrow (7 July) is the day as chocolate lovers across the globe celebrate World Chocolate Day.

Posted 6 July 2016

Concern over cake consumption

With the UK voting to exit the European Union (EU) and England having been knocked out of the Euros, it’s a mixed atmosphere in the office this week.

Posted 28 June 2016

Low fat chocolate in sight

If you’re a chocolate lover like me, you’ll understand the deep satisfaction in devouring a chocolate bar when you crave one above anything else. But the side effects, one being its high levels of fat – typically 40-60% – can put some people off.

Posted 22 June 2016

Colourful confectionery

It’s another busy week here at Confectionery Production. I’m at the Campden BRI Day today to meet executives from the food, drink and allied industries.

Posted 8 June 2016

Chocolate bonanza

I’m in France today, visiting Valrhona’s global centre to celebrate Guanaja’s 30th birthday. And it looks like June will be a busy month all round.

Posted 1 June 2016

Full fat versus low fat

Public Health England (PHE) has this week branded a new report that suggests eating fat doesn’t make consumers fat “irresponsible” and says it “misleads the public”.

Posted 25 May 2016

Cadbury favourite makes a return

Cadbury fans out there will be pleased to learn of the return of one of the brand’s favourite products: Cadbury Dairy Milk Tiffin.

Posted 18 May 2016

Doughnuts all round

I could start by asking you how you like your doughnuts, but I won’t. It’s National Doughnut week – not only an excuse to eat as many delicious jam, chocolate or ring baked goods as you like, but it’s also a chance to raise money for charity.

Posted 11 May 2016

A welcome message

It gives me great pleasure to introduce myself as the new editor of Confectionery Production and Sweets & Snacks World.

Posted 4 May 2016