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Editor’s blog

Cheers for chocolate

Max Brenner has opened a chocolate café in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. My initial thought was that it seems to be a good fit, the extravagance of a chocolate café with the excesses of Vegas. That was before I realised the extent of the existing brand. It already has two other cafés in the US, […]

Posted 12 August 2010

Playing with sporting sponsorship

Cadbury’s new ‘Spots versus Stripes’ ad campaign aims to engage with consumers and fight the stereotype that confectionery companies have no place in sponsoring sporting events. The fishy advert, which will officially launch on Saturday 7th August and created by the company’s Glass and A Half Full Productions studio and the Fallon agency, is the […]

Posted 5 August 2010

The Ipad of confectionery

21 July 2010 – I nodded in agreement to Ariel Leve’s comment on superfoods in one of this weekend’s newspapers. “The acai is the iPad of berries. You don’t actually need it but if you don’t have it you’re made to feel like you’re missing out. It may not be available in the local supermarket but […]

Posted 21 July 2010

So much for the opinions of analysts…

Ending months of speculation, Asian confectionery giant Lotte Group is set to acquire Cadbury’s old Wedel business in Poland from Kraft Foods. The sale of Poland’s oldest chocolate brand was a condition set on Kraft’s takeover of Cadbury in February and around 1,000 employees will transfer across to the new owners. That Lotte was on […]

Posted 1 July 2010

It’s a chocolate ambush

Ambush advertising strategies have been a hotly debated topic at the World Cup, which may be a welcome English distraction from the performance on the pitch. Beyond orange mini-dresses, Nestlé seems to have scored an important advertising goal with its ‘Cross your fingers’ Kit Kat TV campaign despite not paying for a hugely expensive sponsorship […]

Posted 22 June 2010

We have risen once more

As you will probably have seen in your inbox, I have finally been able to re-establish my weekly connection with you. Working on a monthly magazine is brilliant for in-depth features but the news always seem outdated by the time it finally lands on the desk. So the regular updating of news on the website […]

Posted 15 June 2010

The nature of new products

Considering the list of new products that were launched at Sweet and Snacks Expo in Chicago, alongside the NCA’s summary of trends that they are seeing in 2010, there seemed to be the common mix of ‘trying to make a new trend out of existing products’ and genuine interesting developments. Some aspects of the NCA […]

Posted 3 June 2010

Communicating sustainability to customers

Attending the Food Innovation day at Leatherhead Food Research 12 May was eye-opening in several ways, particularly considering the communication of sustainability. It is naturally a term that is bantered about in the confectionery and wider food industry very frequently and companies are having to spend a lot of time and resources on sustainability reports. […]

Posted 13 May 2010