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Editor’s blog

Confectionery confusion

11 February 2011 – I am completely confused about what consumers want from their confectionery and what manufacturers should be doing to satisfy them! This week I attended the Reformulate conference, which although not specifically aimed at the confectionery industry but the food industry as a whole, discussed the reformulation of foods to make them […]

Posted 11 February 2011

Tasty treats at ISM

I’m writing this comment on the last day of ISM and I am thoroughly exhausted. I completely underestimated the sheer size of the show and now totally understand why it is a must-attend event for all those involved in the confectionery industry. It was good to meet so many of you, to hear about your […]

Posted 2 February 2011


Welcome to my first comment as editor of Confectionery Production magazine. I am completely new to the confectionery industry so I would welcome any insight into topics that you as the reader want to know more about and hopefully I will be able to ensure that they get some coverage, either on the website, newsletter […]

Posted 25 January 2011

Technical expertise

If you are reading this in your office as soon as it arrives, you have just missed out on an excellent event. I’m writing this comment on the way back from the ZDS chocolate technology symposium in Cologne. 400 of the most experienced members of the confectionery industry gathered to hear interesting aspects of chocolate […]

Posted 10 December 2010

Is wine or milk most crucial when snowed in?

We have all emerged from the deep snowdrifts of England with slight cabin fever and debates on what is most crucial to be stocked up on when you are snowed in – bread and milk or copious amounts of wine. I think the office debate settled firmly on the latter, especially if it incorporated chocolate. […]

Posted 6 December 2010

Icy steering

The first cold spell of the year is taking hold in the UK and as always I’m very grateful for my 4×4 when manoeuvring out of the country roads in the woodlands where I live. The same careful yet determined steering is going on at Confectionery Production headquarters at the moment. As you may have […]

Posted 26 November 2010

Healthy hopes

I spent a considerable amount of time at Health Ingredients Europe in Madrid this week talking about subjects only relevant to a minor section of the confectionery market. It is certainly relevant but healthy confectionery is always likely to be a niche market in comparison to indulgence. It was still interesting to see the options […]

Posted 19 November 2010

Two heads are better than one

I am delighted that a strong working relationship has matured this week after spending time with the UK Food and Drink Federation’s BCCC sector group. It stands for biscuits, cake, chocolate and confectionery if you were wondering. As I have mentioned before, they kindly asked me to sit on the organising committee of the yearly […]

Posted 15 November 2010

It’s supplier profile time again

I wanted to take the opportunity to remind you that the December/January issue will feature the supplier profile section – the annual issue where suppliers are able to shout about all their exceptional qualities without me interfering with the material in the name of objective journalism. For manufacturers, it is a highly useful reference guide […]

Posted 9 November 2010

Chinese whispers

It is apparently time again for another round of ‘How dare any international company consider a possible purchase of a proud, British national food institution?’ This time, it is a Chinese firm found to be encroaching on an ‘Iconic British brand loved by generations’ as the UK’s Daily Mail put it. (Forgetting that UB was […]

Posted 29 September 2010

Prepare for Russia

Leading Ukrainian confectionery manufacturer Roshen Confectionery has announced plans to build a new production facility in Cosyrevka, located in the Russian region of Lipetsk. The plant will be Roshen’s third production site in Russia, will include 40 production lines and have the capacity to manufacture 253,000 tons of confectionery products per year. This comes after […]

Posted 24 September 2010

How do you react to a toffee cow pat?

Job titles can have the most bizarre consequences. My title as editor of a confectionery magazine has made people openly comment on weight issues or lack thereof, assuming I’m scoffing vast quantities of sweets. (More or less true but I generally manage to work it off). Others have obviously thought of me while on holiday. […]

Posted 16 September 2010

Fino Fingers

The launch of the new Twix Fino – a less-calorific wafer version of the classic Twix chocolate bar – has set tongues wagging in the British national press. Anne Wollenberg writes on the Guardian website that the very core of the Twix bar – its biscuity centre – is at threat. She mentions that some […]

Posted 6 September 2010

Cheers for chocolate

Max Brenner has opened a chocolate café in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. My initial thought was that it seems to be a good fit, the extravagance of a chocolate café with the excesses of Vegas. That was before I realised the extent of the existing brand. It already has two other cafés in the US, […]

Posted 12 August 2010