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Back issues

November 2015

Equipment: Cocoa processing Ingredients: Flavours & colours Packaging: Labelling Product focus: Bakery products Show preview: Food ingredients Europe (1-3 December)

October 2015

Equipment: Process control and automation Ingredients: Inclusions, sugar and sweeteners Product focus: Extruded confectionery Show preview: Anuga (10 – 14 October)

September 2015

Equipment: Bakery technology Ingredients: Gelling agents Packaging: Printing and branding Product focus: Artisan products

July/August 2015

Equipment: Forming and extrusion Ingredients: Glazing and polishing Product focus: Snack products

June 2015

Equipment: Cooking and depositing Ingredients: Flavours and colours Packaging: Sleeve wrapping Product focus: Hard candy and lollipops

May 2015

Equipment: Chewing gum processing Ingredients: Oils and fats, Bakery ingredients Packaging: Bagging Product focus: Healthy confectionery Show preview: Sweets & Snacks Expo (19-21 May)

April 2015

Equipment: Chocolate processing, coating Ingredients: Dairy ingredients, Emulsifiers Packaging: Sustainability Product focus: Aerated confectionery

March 2015

Equipment: Aeration Ingredients: Chewing gum ingredients Packaging: Packaging materials Product focus: Fudge, toffee, caramel Review: ISM Show previews: Anuga FoodTec (24-27 March)

February 2015

Equipment: Weighing and detection Ingredients: Cocoa, Ethical sourcing Packaging: Pick and place, Robotics Product focus: Jellies and gums Show preview: ISM / ProSweets (1-4 February)

December/ January 2015

Product focus: hard candy and lollipops Equipment: cooking and depositing Ingredients: flavours and colours Packaging: twist wrap and lollipop sticks Processing: process control and automation

October 2014

Product focus: snack products Equipment: process control and automation Ingredients: fruit and nut Packaging: flow wrapping Supplier profiles

September 2014

Fat reduction Oils and fats West meets East Processing challenges

July/ August 2014

Product focus: extruded confectionery Equipment: forming and extrusion Ingredients: flavours and colours Packaging: pick and place and robotics Show report: Interpack