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Loma Systems debuts new data reporting software

In response to feedback from food processors, manufacturers and packers, Loma Systems has launched version two of its Tracs (trending-reporting-analysis-capture-software) in conjunction with AutoCoding Systems.

Designed to further reduce manufacturing costs and improve production efficiencies, the new graphical network-based tool monitors the performance of the company’s full range of inspection equipment and offers better functionality, reporting and user experience.

It runs over a customer’s factory network and provides real time feedback across all lines in a central format for analysis and reporting of key measurements such as giveaway or metal count.

The software allows factory managers to see instant machine status, examine different trends between shifts or products, and quickly identify and rectify inefficiencies, the company says.

It also enables information relating to contaminant detection rates, weight and over-fill records to be compiled to demonstrate compliance with current legislation.

Featuring a redesigned architecture in line with AutoCoding’s latest platforms, Loma’s Tracs offers printable batch reports and CSV data export facility for batch and individual pack weight information.

Both metric and imperial measurements are supported and data is provided in a graphical format for user friendly trend analysis.

Version two of Tracs gathers live data from Loma’s IQ3 and IQ4 metal detectors, CW3 checkweighers, CW3 combination units and X4 and X5 X-ray inspection machines. Live and historical batch cards hold key compliance data summaries for these units.

The software polls the equipment and collects data which is stored on a secure server. Factory managers can view Tracs reports via a network link using a web browser and export data to a CSV file.

Toby Kemp, Loma Systems’ global marketing manager, says, “The new version of Tracs has been developed in response to customer feedback for improved functionality, including better reporting and support for the complete product range.

“By storing electronic data centrally, and with both the PDF report function and a new CSV data export facility, which allows information to be more readily circulated, it will eliminate the need for paper recording of batch results. This new version of Tracs also offers a more consistent, legible and secure format.

“Both AutoCoding and Loma are confident that Tracs will help factories to further build a culture of continuous improvement and increase productivity by highlighting efficiency opportunities. For example, it can help food companies understand speed loss and start-up issues, as well as better understand and control their processes.”

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