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Cama UK to debut BTG sleeving system

Cama UK, a division of Cama Group, will introduce its first BTG (breakthrough generation) sleeving system next month.

Making its debut at the PPMA packaging trade show, which takes place in Birmingham, UK, from 26-28 September, the MP136 sleeving machine can handle glass jars in various configurations, either in single or double layer, at a speed up to 300 sleeved packs per minute.

A motor driven double lateral star wheel system spaces and phases the jars to the lateral clamping unit which transfers a preset group to the following station.

Then, a rotary feeder picks up the carton sleeve and places it on two lateral flighted conveyors which drive the sleeve on top of the collated jars. The sleeve is wrapped around the group of jars, then the bottom part is closed by hot melt.

After gluing, the sleeved packs are transferred to the machine outfeed by a suitable conveyor, and then transferred to the subsequent loading unit, that loads the sleeved glass jars in various formats into display cartons.

According to Cama, its new BTG systems define a new standard in the world of secondary packaging into paperboard or corrugated carton or case, including enhanced hygienic design, cabinet free technology, flexible modules configuration, ergonomic features, user-friendly controls, easy size changing and improved safety level.

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