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Healthy confectionery

Whether you believe there’s such a thing or not, the growth of healthy chocolate confectionery is set to outpace that of regular chocolate by 2021.

According to Euromonitor International, healthy chocolate confectionery, which includes fortified functional, organic, reduced fat and reduced sugar, will grow by 3.5% globally in retail value terms from 2016-2021. This, its research shows, will outpace regular chocolate confectionery, which is set to rise 2.3% in retail value terms.

By volume consumption, healthy chocolate confectionery is predicted to increase by 2.6% by 2021, up compared to the 1.3% growth forecast for regular chocolate confectionery.

Ewa Hudson, head of health and wellness at Euromonitor International, explains, “The days in which free from gluten, lactose or dairy products were consumed only by those with intolerances, are gone.

“Growth in organic and free from food sales has boomed in 2016 as consumers are reading labels more carefully than ever, seeking natural ingredients and looking for foods that represent a ‘guilt-free’ purchase. Before the free from boom, gluten and lactose free options were the opposite of convenience, meaning consumers were forced to either avoid or prepare almost every meal from scratch.

“Now, convenience has found its way into free from and with that, growth opportunities abound. Organic is also in sync with the natural and clean label trend, and so unlikely to fall out of favour with consumers in the foreseeable future.”

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